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【篇一】 where there is a will, there is a way.
设立目标,然后把目标细化为每一步的实际行动。 set goals and then refine the goals for every step of the action. 凡事要三思,但比三思更重要的是三思而行。 things to think twice, but more importantly than think twice before. 谁比同类跑的快谁就能获得最终的胜利。 who runs faster than the same kind who can win the final victory. 内心如果*静,外在就不会有风波。 if the heart is calm, there will be no disturbance outside. 盛年不重来,一日难再晨。 prime not to - day difficult morning. 你用什么优势赢得人生,就会用同样的原因输掉人生。 you use what advantage to win the life, you will lose the life with the same reason. 一个人的破产是绝望,的资产是希望。 one of the biggest bankruptcy is despair, the greatest asset is hope.

每一天都是一个开始。深呼吸,从头再来。 every day is a beginning. take a deep breath and start again. 人要有充足的压力,才能超越颠峰。 people must have enough pressure to go beyond the peak. 做对的事情比把事情做对重要。 to do the right thing is more important than to do things right. 当今之世,舍我其谁! in today's world, but myself! 活着的目的不在于永远活着,而在于永远活出自己。 the purpose of life is not to live forever, but to live forever. 有了坚定的意志,就等于给双脚添了一对翅膀。 with a strong will, is equal to the feet with a pair of wings. 通过云端的道路,只亲吻攀登者的足迹。 through the clouds of the road, only to kiss the footsteps of the climbers. 当悟自时人自悟,人不度人天度人。 when people self realization oneself, not people day people. 从胜利学得少,从失败学得多。 learn less from success and learn more from failure.

心量要大,自我要小。 heart to large, small self. 别人看不起你,很不幸;自己看不起自己,更不幸。 other people look down on you, unfortunately, they look down on their own, more unfortunate. 男人想通了,女人想开了,世界自然就和*了。 men think that women want to open, natural world peace. 生活是一件*常的事情,哪有那么多传奇。 life is a normal thing, there are so many legends. 不经巨大的困难,不会有伟大的事业。 without great difficulty, there will be no great cause. 回避现实的人,未来将更不理想。 to avoid the reality of the people, the future will be even more unsatisfactory.
【篇二】 最热烈的火焰,冰封在最沉默的火山深处。
the most warm flame, frozen in the depths of the silent volcano.
望着别人幸福的笑容.心里总觉得不安! looking at other people's happy smile! 冬天已经到来,春天还会远吗? winter has come, can spring be far behind?

蚁穴虽小,溃之千里。 nest is small, the collapse of a thousand miles. 勤奋是你生命的密码,能译出你一部壮丽的史诗。 diligence is the code of your life, and you can translate a magnificent epic. 光说不干,事事落空;又说又干,马到成功。 the light did not say, everything fails; then, a. 认真是成功的秘诀,粗心是失败的伴侣。 serious is the secret of success, carelessness is the failure of the partner. 不是境况造就人,而是人造就境况。 it's not the circumstances that make man, but man made. 胜利,是属于最坚韧的人。 victory belongs to the most tenacious. 积木搭起的房子看似很美,却会在不经意间轰然倒塌。 the building blocks erected the house looks beautiful, but inadvertently come crashing down. 我死了吗?没有,所以我不能活得像死了一样! am i dead? no, so i can't live like a dead one! 相信自己,你能作茧自缚,就能破茧成蝶。 believe yourself, you can in a cocoon around oneself, can become a butterfly.

泉水,奋斗之路越曲折,心灵越纯洁。 spring, the struggle of the road twists and turns, the more pure heart. 让信念坚持下去,梦想就会实现。 let the faith hold on, the dream will come true. 没有远见,就会寻短见。 there is no vision, will commit suicide. 王子喜欢公主,青蛙王子也一样,灰姑娘仅仅偶然。 the prince loves the princess, the frog prince, cinderella is just by chance. 好的木材并不在顺境中生长,风越强,树越壮。 good wood is not in good growth, the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees. 毫无理想而又优柔寡断是一种可悲的心理。 no ideal and irresolute and hesitant is a pathetic psychology. 要得到别人赞叹,就得先赞叹别人。 to get other people's praise, you have to praise others. 没有失败,只有暂时停止成功! there is no failure, only temporary cessation of success! 志在山顶的人,不会贪念山腰的风景。 aim at the top of the mountain, mountain scenery is not greed.

机遇永远是准备好的人得到的。 the opportunity is always ready for people to get. 有志者,事竟成。
【篇三】 有空的时候会想你,没空的时候会抽空想你。
when you are free, you will think of you, when you are not free, you will find time to think of you.
挫折其实就是迈向成功所应缴的学费。 frustration is in fact the success of the payment of tuition fees. 不知道明天干什么的人是不幸的! don't know what to do tomorrow! 成功的关键在于相信自己有成功的水*。 the key to success is to believe in your ability to succeed. 在避风的港湾里,找不到昂扬的帆。 in the harbor of refuge, to find the spirited sail. 今朝勤学苦,明朝跃龙门。 at present, hard work, ming yue longmen. 我们人这个辈子不是别人的楷模,就是别人的借鉴。 our life is not the model of others, is the reference. 不要在乎别人的眼光,这样我们会生不如死。 don't care about others, so we will die.

本来无望的事,大胆尝试,往往能成功。 things that would have been hopeless, a bold attempt, often succeed. 有多大的思想,才有多大的能量。 how much thought, just how much energy. 博学正直诚信! knowledge, integrity, integrity! 万里寻山历百艰而无悔,一朝见井纵九死以何辞。 wanli xunshan li bai difficult but no regrets, see how well a longitudinal nine speech. 父母还在为你拼,你有什么理由不去努力。 parents still fight for you, you have no reason not to work hard. 把你的脸迎向阳光,那就不会有阴影。 turn your face to the sunshine, there will be no shadow. 努力造就实力,态度决定高度。 efforts to create strength, attitude determines altitude. 人生短短数十载,最要紧是证明自己,不是讨好他人。 life is only a few decades, the most important thing is to prove himself, not to please others. 如果不会飞翔,理想的翅膀反倒成了生活的累赘。 if it does not fly, the ideal of the wings have become a burden of life.

你面对最难问题可能就是成就你人生课题。 you may be facing the most difficult problem is the achievement of your life. 信心源于实力,实力源于持续的努力。 confidence comes from strength, strength comes from constant effort. 不论成功或失败,皆存乎自己。 no matter success or failure, you will keep on your own. 上帝从不埋怨人们的愚昧,人们却埋怨上帝的不公*。 god never complains people's ignorance while people actually complains the unfair of god. 只要充分相信自己,没有什么困难能够充足持久。 as long as enough to believe in themselves, there is no difficulty can be lasting.